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Innovation as a driving force of continuous improvement is the fundamental pillar of the Assumptio Proinnova Foundation. We want to be better each day and the Foundation aims to be the space which enables the channelling of any proposal for improvement which directly benefits our patients, our staff, or the society that surrounds us. 





 In order to grow, to imagine new horizons, to begin new paths and to be better each day requires training. Seeing beyond the day to day routine, observing and learning from others, oxygenating the brain with new knowledge and points of view is the hotbed that allows new ideas and knowledge to be generated.  That’s why at the Foundation we embrace the continuous training of our staff. 

Innovation per se isn’t worthwhile if it doesn’t end up generating new knowledge that contributes to significant advances. That's why, at the Assumptio Proinnova Foundation, we are clear that any project must end up having an impact in the form of knowledge and that this must be applied, shared and disseminated appropriately.  Because he who doesn’t know what he's looking for, doesn’t understand what he finds, our mission is to light up the path and consolidate the objective.

What is Assumptio Proinnova Foundation

The Assumptio Proinnova Foundation is an initiative from Grupo Asunción whose aim is to channel and boost research and innovation projects and training programmes.   Our objective is that the work of the Foundation results in the improvement of patient care and service and that, in addition, it has a positive impact on our surroundings, with a special impact on the Tolosaldea region, our closest action area.

He who doesn’t know what he's looking for, doesn't understand what he finds.

Claude Bernard



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Assumptio Proinnova Foundation

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